Global experience, Cotswolds expertise

Here at 10A, we’re particularly proud of our in-house expertise, in all matters relating to creative design and sophisticated brand storytelling. We’re even prouder that this experience and skill-set stems from the Cotswolds. Our people are Cotswolds people. They choose to live here or were born here, and they form a rich pool of talent, which many people perceive only exists within the major hubs of London, Birmingham or Manchester.

When clients buy-in to our local creative network, they also receive our dedicated local knowledge and understanding of Cotswold brand heritage and audience. So, if you have a Cotswolds brand story that you’d like us to help tell through modern creative design, get in touch.

Until then, here’s five things, you may not know about the place we call home…

1) The Cotswold Lion is not a big cat, as the name might lead you to believe. It is in fact a breed of sheep. Wool manufacture and its subsequent decline left the Cotswolds with a living history of farms and cottages, market towns and villages. A literal translation of Cotswolds is ‘sheep-hills’

2) Notable people of Cirencester (the capital of the Cotswolds) include the poet and broadcaster, Pam Ayres, comedian Dom Joly, retired jockey Willie Carson and of course a designer who needs no introduction, Lawrence Llewelyn Bowen

3) The 300-year-old yew hedge surrounding the Bathurst Estate in Cirencester is over 40ft tall and is the tallest one in the country. It takes around 80 man hours for a team of two to give the hedge its annual short, back and sides. The clippings are sent to a pharmaceutical factory so they can be used to make a cancer fighting drug.

4) Rock the Cotswolds is a movement to promote companies just like 10A. They help tell the world that this is the place to find creatives, designers, and a whole bunch of entrepreneurs, who are shaking things up against a backdrop of rolling hills and picturesque villages.

5) According to local legend, there’s an elephant buried just outside Cirencester…. That’s a fact you won’t forget!