Hats off to Heather for making ideas happen

Before Heather Ogilvie, my only reference to the art of millinery came from Alice in Wonderland and my little-known party fact about what had inflicted a state of madness on Lewis Carroll’s Hatter.

Madness was indeed a common ailment among 19th Century hat-makers. Prolonged exposure to the mercury vapours used to process the felt would result in the ‘hatter’s shakes’, confused speech, hallucinations and other psychotic symptoms.

Cirencester-based milliner Heather Ogilvie must have felt as though she was having a crazed idea back in September when she decided it was time for a rebrand from ‘Hats by Heather’ to a new, updated narrative.

Like most crazy ideas, the rebrand to Heather Ogilvie Millinery quickly spiralled into the need for a new website, new logo, a new spring / summer collection, and even an exhibition to showcase it all.

However, here at 10A, we believe that the best ideas are born from a small spark of madness so we jumped at the opportunity to get involved.

In just a few short months, we found ourselves at the Classic Motor Hub near Bibury on a miraculously sunny day in January, shooting Heather’s new ‘Under the Bonnet’ collection – feminine pieces inspired by the classic vintage vehicles that reside there.

Heather’s new brand creative was first seen in February’s Cotswold Life magazine, in which she was also asked to advise on choosing a hat for a wedding.

Then, just this week, the Heather Ogilvie Millinery brand officially went live and heatherogilvie.co.uk has opened up a new online chapter in Heather’s success story.

The exhibition, which will showcase both the new collection and branding, will take place first in Cirencester at The Bothy on the 17th and 18th of February.

The collection will then return to its source of inspiration – The Classic Motor Hub – on Sunday 1 April and can be viewed from 10am until 1pm.

If you’re inspired by Heather’s drive (excuse the pun) and desire to move her business forward and you’d like some help to bring your brand ideas (however crazy) to life, then we’d love to talk.

Maybe you could also tell us the answer to the riddle posed by Lewis Carroll’s Hatter – Why is a raven like a writing desk? I need a new little-known party fact now!