Ringing in the changes for 2018: Is your website out-of-date?

A new year is arguably the best time to review your brand, what it stands for, and whether or not it has stood the test of time. But how do you know if it’s time for a refresh or redesign?

How often should you update your website, logo, and brand collateral for example? And when is the right time to change brand direction or consider a new brand narrative?

Let’s start with your website…

If your site is more than two years old, there’s a strong chance that digital advancements and changes to the way Google tracks and analyses, have left your website behind.

Here’s five of the most common reasons we’re asked to update a company’s website:

1) Slow loading pages

From February 2016, Google started to favour those websites built with its fast-loading tech known as Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP. Prior to the start of 2016, Google may have ranked your website based on relevancy, or all that SEO work you put in around keywords. However, for the last two years, Google has said that in order to persuade users to stay within its browser, rather than switch over onto an app, it would prioritise any website incorporating AMP. In other words, if your website is older than 2016, you are certainly losing out on customers via the mobile web and may be struggling to maintain your Google search ranking. Interestingly, Facebook also now prioritises faster loading web page links on News Feeds.

2) Keyword relevance

Two years is certainly a lifetime in digital and can often prove a long time in a variety of business sectors where terminology is ever-changing and how people search for your services evolves. Therefore, if you’re not generating website traffic from your most important keywords, we can help you review your text, re-write important pages and present your core services offer in a more search-engine friendly way.

3) Mobile friendly

Depending on your business sector, 40%-60% of your web traffic will be using a phone or tablet to visit your website. If it isn’t ‘responsive’ to different screen sizes or text, images and calls-to-action are enlarged, shrunk or out of sequence, you are in desperate need of mobile optimisation.

4) Digital advancements

If your website still has Flash or Java elements, we need to talk. Most mobile devices can’t handle either software and the Chrome browser no longer even supports Flash. The digital world has moved on and we can help you get across your brand narrative through more sophisticated storytelling elements such as film.

5) General look and feel

If you’ve looked at your competitor’s web presence recently and begrudgingly admired how slick and fresh it looks, it’s time for an update. First impressions are everything online. Your website is your shop front window. It impacts the bottom line. You would’t leave the same shop window dis-play in place for two years so why neglect your website for the same amount of time?

If you’re happy with the overall look and functionality of your website but your analytics reveal high bounce rates or low levels of time spent on your site, you may simply need a refresh, the addi-tion of a blog so you can manage your own content or a review of your security plug-ins.

Whether it’s starting anew or optimising your brand online, we’re here to help.