Designing the curtain-raiser for a 19th century Cotswold treasure

One of our key values here at 10a is to help brands tell sophisticated stories through creative design that will drive success and improve their business.


Surely there is no better example of this than the rebrand of a theatre, where stories are brought to life each night on the stage and the brand experience is directly linked to business success.

The Barn Theatre, which is attached to the grade II-listed Ingleside House in Cirencester, ‘Capital of the Cotswolds’, is reopening as a major producing house for the area in March.

Ingleside House is owned by retired businessman Ian Carling, who has spent £4 million redeveloping the building, including turning its former hall into the theatre space, complete with orchestra pit, rehearsal rooms, green room and dressing rooms. The redevelopment also includes a 60-seat restaurant and piano bar, called Téatro.

10a was commissioned to develop all three brands (Barn Theatre, Ingleside House and Téatro), in partnership with the venues and Barn Theatre’s artistic director Iwan Lewis.

We’ve since launched three separate, yet interconnecting, brand propositions, which we’ve translated into logos, websites, display print ads, marketing collateral, signage and other brand elements.

This is the beginning of an exciting period for Ingleside House. Originally built in 1825, this 19th century Cotswold treasure has had a varied history, bursting with fascinating stories from its time as a bustling school or the period it was used an armoury supplier.

A year-long refurbishment programme has now resulted in beautiful wallpapers, new oak floors and original features, alongside state-of-the-art technology.

The 200-seat Barn Theatre’s first professional production is The Secret Garden, which will run for four weeks from 16th March.

As part of our brand work, we’ve also designed the promotional visuals for this inaugural production, which have now started to appear all over Cirencester following the opening of the theatre box office.


The next chapter in Ingleside House’s story will soon unfold and it’s with a real sense of pride that we continue to play a key role in helping to shape its narrative.


We urge you to support both the professional theatre, the venue’s community provision and of course the dining and hospitality on offer at Téatro. We’ll see you at the bar.


For information on The Secret Garden and to book tickets, visit our website. To discuss the next chapter of your brand story, contact us today.