Six design, marketing and brand predictions for 2018

With only a few weeks left of 2017, our thoughts turn to the year ahead. We asked our designers and marketing specialists for their 2018 predictions and this is what they expect…

Web design

The next 12 months will see an explosion of colour infiltrate website design. With Apple’s eagerly awaited next generation Mac Pro expected in 2018, and with mobile and monitor screens evolved to handle much richer colours, designers are opting for a move away from web-safe colour palettes. It’s good news for young dynamic brands looking to stand-out from the crowd or established brands in need of being re-energised. We opted to use striking colours for the design of The Barn Theatre’s website in order to reflect a more modern era of on-stage productions and the creativity of a small theatre in the heart of Cirencester.

Social video

By 2020, video will make up 80% of all online consumer traffic. In the next 12 months, more brands will incorporate live video streaming, while 360-video and shoppable video content will start to cement a place within brand marketing strategies. Video is the bridge between social media scrolling and brand engagement. With Facebook Live videos currently receiving three times the engagement of pre-recorded content, and all major social networks now offering live streaming capabilities, the emphasis will switch from the quantity of live video on offer to the quality and content experience.

Brand meaningfulness

We’ll see more meaningful brand strategies in 2018 as companies look to align themselves to more purposeful causes that make a real difference to people’s lives, wellbeing, and communities.
Meaningfulness needs to be authentic however for brand trust to grow. Today’s value exchange be-tween brand and consumer needs to be planned around purposeful-led strategies, relevant content and an offer that truly benefits the audience’s day-to-day existence. Those brands who get it right in 2018 will gain market share and consumer loyalty from audiences who grow ever more cynical and distrustful of brand marketing.

Ephemeral content

2018 will be the year of the disappearing content. Brands will need to develop ephemeral content strategies alongside social media marketing in order to tell brand stories in a way that’s accessible to today’s hard-to-reach audiences. Content that is short-lived is more authentic versus sponsored ads or spammy posts. Content which disappears also raises FOMO (fear of missing out), which in turn creates a more attentive, reactive audience.

Logo design

Just as websites grow more daring with colour in 2018, logo designs will become more playful and fun. The current state of uncertainty around Brexit and the economy will see companies place more focus on making us smile, with clever typographic characters, experiential design, joyful colours and humour-filled strap-lines.

Retro print designs

The classics will always have a place in print and logo design so we expect to also see a resurgence of simple, well-crafted typefaces paired with monograms.
More designers will revert to classic typefaces and letter spacing in order to conjure up memories of a bygone era and establish brand heritage, culture and classic simplicity in an increasingly complex world.